The Legal Center is a hosted set of pages designed and dedicated to your legal content. It maintains a version history of every single legal document that you've published through PactSafe. There are many components of the design that make the Legal Center unique to help you protect your business. Here's a quick overview of the layout of our Legal Center.

How do I preview my Legal Center?

In order to view your Legal Center, you'll need to publish at least one contract. Note: Currently all contracts published will be shown in the Legal Center unless navigated from a Group. 

You can preview your Legal Center by going to your Site Settings the "Legal Page" link in the application:

Also, you can see that you can republish your Legal Center at any point. Note: Whenever your Groups or Contracts are published, your Legal Center is automatically published.

Why do I need a Legal Center?

Your legal contracts are usually hosted on a set of pages hosted on your marketing team's website. Sometimes your agreements are embedded into forms. In almost all cases, it's unwieldy to update. Plus, your marketing website is optimized for conversion—for acquiring new customers, not educating them on your legal policies. 

That's why we're giving lawyers the power to manage legal content in a way that's conducive to how it should be presented on the web and in apps. It includes specifics around the date & time of the respective contract versions over time, provides an intuitive, mobile-friendly layout to make it easy to read, and automatically generates a table of contents for your customers to navigate.