In PactSafe, all your customers or employees who accept any contract inside of PactSafe are tracked as a "signer". The Signer is the most important record in the PactSafe application. Every activity connected to a Contract is tracked (checking a box, unchecking a box, even submitting a form) and can be viewed here inside your PactSafe account:

When is a Signer record created?

A Signer record is created any time you send a Contract for signature or someone new accepts a COntract presented in a Group. A developer (you or someone on your team) will add our snippet on your website or app and will decide on a unique identifier for your customer, employee, or vendor (or whomever will be digitally signing/accepting your legal terms). That unique identifier will be passed and used in PactSafe to store and update your Respondent details.

Why do I need a Signer?

For legal teams, proof of "manifestation of assent" can prove to be costly and difficult to achieve on a high tech app on the web or on a mobile device. Tracking who agreed to what is not an efficient process, and PactSafe offers legal & development teams the option to embed a tracking system as a service on any website or app. It empowers you to avoid costly disputes, data mining, and legal battles that may come down simply to managing the versions or timestamps of when your customer accepted your contract.

For every Signer record, you're able to quickly diagnose and audit a number of key facts that may arise in a dispute:

  • Which version(s) of your legal content did your customer agree
  • Certify all the information and metadata about the transaction and how your customer accepted
  • View each response and any customized data about the Signer (name, product purchased, plan, etc.)
  • Timestamps connected to every single transaction executed with your customer
Here's an example of a Signer record showcasing the detailed information captured marrying the content of your legal agreements to the Signer: