PactSafe offers a completely unique way to handle online legal terms and how they're presented in forms through capability we call Groups. You can learn more about creating & managing groups here. All across the web, you see forms that include links or checkboxes linking to legal terms. By completing this form you are thereby accepting those legal terms. 

Browsewrap vs. Clickwrap vs. "Sign-in wrap"

Let's start with the different types of agreements you can employ on your websites and apps. Your customers can accept your legal terms in one of three ways — by simply accessing or browsing your site (browsewrap), by checking one or many checkboxes (clickwrap), and by clicking a button like "Create Account" or "Sign In" (sign-in wrap).

Below are some examples from companies all across the web doing different things in how they present these terms.

Browsewrap Example (bottom center)

Clickwrap Example with Scroll

Clickwrap with a Checkbox

Wrap

All of these designs for how the agreements are presented are completely the prerogative of the business, but we do have recommendations on how they should be designed. If you'd like our help, just submit a ticket and we'll jump on it! The design, presentation, and data capture of the acceptance of an agreement is controlled by what we call an Agreement Group.

Clickwrap Styles

There are four default styles of our Agreement Groups that are shown below. Note: By default, when a user checks/accepts the agreements, a real-time call will be made to PactSafe specifying that your customer has accepted the terms. If your customer unchecks the box, we log a "disagreed" event in real-time, too.


The Full style wraps agreements with a border and displays them in full. Also, a link to download the agreement as a PDF is provided. Once an agreement checkbox is checked/accepted, the full agreement will collapse as shown in this screenshot:


The Scroll style will collapse the agreements into a box with a border (and a link to download) and the user will be able to scroll to read the agreement. Upon checking/accepting the agreement, the box will collapse as shown below:


The Checkbox style will remove the actual contents of the agreement from the page altogether and simply provide a checkbox and link to read more. The link to the agreement will open in a separate tab.


The Combined style allows you to collapse the checkbox so your customers can accept all agreements with a single click. A link to each agreement in the Legal Center is provided and opens in a new tab:


The Embedded style allows you to easily embed a form with the agreement inline in a responsive manner. That way no additional code is needed to capture the right information about a Contract: