There are some important properties of your Sites that you'll want to keep up to date:

  • Company address: you can have an address for each of your Sites or maintain a global Account-wide (or company-wide) address
  • Email from name and from address: When you publish new versions of your agreements, PactSafe can automatically notify everyone who has previously accepted your terms. The email from name and from address will determine who the notification email to your customers will be coming from.

What is my Access ID?

Your Access ID is unique for each Site within your account and is used to render your legal agreements on your website, apps, and other digital forms. It is used in your calls to PactSafe and helps us identify your unique Site across our entire cloud-based infrastructure. It is a GUID.

Updating your address

When configuring your company address, you can choose to inherit it from the Account or be unique to your Site:

Click here to update the properties on your site!

Note: you may need to use the Site dropdown to navigate to the correct Site in your account.