So now that you've published your agreement, I'll bet you're wondering how you can get your agreement to show up in a form so you can start testing it in action, right? This article will help you take that final step to get your agreement in place.

In October 2015, we introduced a container for agreements called Groups. Using Groups, you can add one or many agreements and choose how those agreements will be presented for your customers to accept. You can setup a clickwrap or a browsewrap and, from there, set up how the Group will look.

For more on agreement Groups, check out this article.

Adding your Agreement to your Group

In this example, we're going to be implementing a clickwrap agreement out of the box for a website registration form as demonstrated here:

After creating a Group, you can very easily add any of your agreements following these simple steps:

1. Create your Group

To create a new Group, you can either click on the "+" in the left corner of the Agreements Overview (below on the left) or from the Groups screen in the upper right hand corner (below on the right):


Give your group a name like "Registration Clickwrap". Make sure to select "Clickwrap when creating your Group: