As a consumer in today’s world, you no doubt browse hundreds of websites and mobile apps every day. If you’ve ever bought something from a retail brand like Amazon, you would also know that with every purchase you are agreeing to that brand’s terms of service and privacy policy.

These types of agreements are fundamentally different than a contract you’d sign if you were buying a house or doing a business to business contract — because millions of these agreements are executed a day. And very few of them are tracked in a way that’s easy for a business to enforce them in court, so your company many be spending hundreds of hours, millions of dollars in legal fees, and dealing with a real hassle in publishing agreement updates & tracking tools to try to provide proper notice or maintain order of whose agreed to what.

That’s where PactSafe comes in.

PactSafe is a one of a kind system designed to take the guesswork out of managing your digital legal content, implementation, and record keeping on your website and mobile app. 

Our badge is dropped into your website to give proper notice of your legal terms & privacy policy. Then, your in-house counsel or law firm can update an easy-to-read agreement with WYSIWYG tools.

We also empower you to track all of your respondents automatically with easy searching tools. And our patent-pending certification makes proving who agreed to what as simple as point & click.

Take the guesswork out of how you manage your digital legal agreements today, with PactSafe.