If you're not already familiar, Intercom offers a business communications platform where you can chat with leads, prospects, and customers. Inside these conversations, you can use Messenger apps to connect to other products that you use, like Google Calendar, ReadMe.io, and PactSafe. 

When you embed a Contract using the PactSafe Messenger app, the system walks you through a three-step process:

  1. You select one or many Contracts to deliver to the lead, prospect, or customer via the conversation.
  2. If your Contract has tokens/fields to populate, you populate those fields with custom information for the person to whom you're sending the Contract.
  3. You finalize the agreement with language to personalize it to your prospect or customer accepting the contract.

What does the person receiving the Contract see?

When Messenger delivers the Contract, the recipient can click Review Contract or—if there are no required fields to fill out—they can Agree to Contract in one click or tap. For people who already understand the contents of the Contract, agreeing to a Contract in just one click or tap offers a seamless, frictionless experience. Of course, they can review the terms of the Contract at any time, before or after agreeing.

Are Contracts signed in Intercom legally binding?

Yes! As long as the Signer consents to the terms of the Contract, the process for acceptance is legally binding and follows laws related to the ESIGN Act put into law in 2000. PactSafe provides the back-end repository of all the accepted agreements for you to refer to and manage at any time.