Approvals workflow within PactSafe is used when sending out contracts for signature. You can setup "Approvers" within your account that will be prompted to approve all outgoing contracts from designated senders, prior to it going to a signer or signers.

Getting Approval setup is quick and easy. Use the video and steps below as a guide to get started.

Adding Approvers

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Approvers

3. Search User who will be approver (All approvers must be a user within PactSafe. Repeat this step if you want multiple approvers)

Manage User(s) for Approval

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Users

3. Click on specific user

4. Hover over options and select "Edit Permissions"

5. Toggle on "Needs Permission" and "Save"

Want to setup an internal approval order? Follow along below!

Approval Order Setup

After completing the initial steps above, continue with these steps for setting up approval order.

1. Add additional approver

2. Toggle on "Approval Order"

3. Drag and drop to setup approval order