Executing contracts is easier than ever with PactSafe—your prospects can execute contracts via esignature, SMS, Slack, a one-click "Agree", or click-through in your app. All with versioning, analytics, and real-time integration into your Opportunities. Want to get started? First, install the App from the Salesforce AppExchange into your Production or Sandbox Org. 

Installation complete? Follow the steps below to complete the integration!

1. Update your "PactSafe Canvas" Settings

a. Search "Connected Apps" in Quick Find search bar

b. Click "Edit" on PactSafe Canvas

c. Change Permitted Users from "All users.." to "Admin approved.."

d. Click "Save"

2. Ensure PactSafe Canvas Has Correct Permissions

a. Search Profiles in Quick Find search bar

b. Click Profile name; in this example we chose System Administrator

c. Click "Assigned Connected Apps"

d. Click "Edit"

e. Move PactSafe Canvas from Installed Connected Apps to Enabled Connected Apps

f. Click "Save"

Note: Repeat these steps for each user profile type to enable the Connected App. All users who need access to PactSafe through Salesforce need to have a username setup in PactSafe with the same email that they use in Salesforce.

3. Adding PactSafe Request to Your Page Layouts

a. Search "Opportunities" in Quick Find search bar

b. Click "Page Layouts"

c. Click "Edit" on Opportunity Layout

d. Click "Related Lists"

e. Drag and drop PactSafe Requests onto your Opportunity Page Layout

f. Click wrench above PactSafe Requests

g. Move PactSafe Request Name, Status, Expired, Sent Time, Completed, Completed Time and Created By into Selected Fields

h. Choose "Sent Time" for "Sort By:"

i. Click "Ok"

j. Save Page Layout Changes

4. Connect Salesforce App in your PactSafe Account

a. Login to your PactSafe Account

b. Go to Settings

c. Click on Integrations

d. Click Enable for Production or Sandbox to connect to a Sandbox site.

e. Login to Salesforce

Note: We recommend a Salesforce Admin complete this set, so that it is connected to their account. If the user who enables the integration is removed as a user in PactSafe, you will need to repeat these steps.

5. Add Users to PactSafe

a. Login to your PactSafe Account

b. Go to Settings

c. Click Users

d. Click green plus sign in lower right hand corner

e. Invite users using their Salesforce email address.

Note: You can manage permissions prior to sending the invite.

6. Managing PactSafe for Salesforce Licenses

a. In Salesforce, search Installed Packages in Quick Find search bar

b. Click "Manage Licenses" for PactSafe for Salesforce

c. Click "Add Users"

d. Select user(s)

e. Click "Add"

Note: Be sure to have "All" selected to be able to see your full list of users. Users are listed alphabetically by last name.

Now that your integration is complete you're ready to Map Salesforce Fields!