The PactSafe Menu is how you get to all the screens in the PactSafe product. Below we'll tell you what happens when you click each symbol. You can find these symbols by clicking the blue PactSafe logo in the upper left corner from most screens in the app.

Our customers find this document very helpful to reference while they're getting comfortable with the platform.

Click the Plus to Add Contracts in the form of PDF, Word or HTML.

Simply click the Paper Airplane to Send Contracts!

Click the Pulse to see all your request history in one simple Dashboard.

Click the checked paper to see where your Groups call home.

Choose the paper to see where all your company Contracts live.

Want to find a Signer? Select the checked person to search here.

Select the bulleted list to use the Activity Log to get up to date on recent events.

You use the crossing arrows icon to Sign into Another Site.

Choose your profile picture to access User and Site Settings.