One option for working with Word docs in PactSafe is to copy and paste the Word document into the PactSafe app when adding a Contract. You can see how to do that here: Copy & Pasting into PactSafe

Uploading a Word document in PactSafe:

Users can upload a Word document when requesting a Contract signature.

Once the document is uploaded, you’ll have a chance to edit the uploaded contract to change the title, add text, signature fields, tokens and checkboxes. Once completed with any edits, click save.

Copying & pasting Word Documents into the Contract editor

Documents should paste in from Word very well, but sometimes there is some funkiness when pasting things in. If you’re having issues copying and pasting from a word or pages document this article can help you: Copy & Paste from Word or Pages isn’t working

Note: Word is notoriously finicky about the way it formats documents. No online editor is going to be perfect, so you may need to re-style some things to get your Word doc looking shiny and ready to be sent. When using Contracts in PactSafe though, the benefits will far outweigh the initial work—think of how beautiful that document will look in a responsive, native format for web and mobile!

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