Adding Signer Fields to your Contract can help you easily get the information you need as part of the signing process. You can add fields to your Contracts in 2 places: 

  1. Inside of your Contract Templates you create here
  2. Inside of a Signature Request when you are about to send a PactSafe Contract or PDF for esignature

Adding Fields to an HTML/native Contract

An HTML Contract is one that you've imported from Microsoft Word and we've converted or that you've pasted into PactSafe directly. Using HTML Contracts, you can easily edit the Contract language itself within the PactSafe application.You can also take advantage of Contract Fields (Tokens), tables, easier versioning and more.

Adding Fields to your Contract is easy. Inside the PactSafe editor in a Request or in the Version Editor:

Note: You won't assign who signs or completes these fields until you add your Contract to a Request.

Adding Fields to a PDF Contract

You can upload PDFs and add Signer Fields to your Contracts as well. After uploading a PDF Contract, you can click anywhere on your Contract to insert a Text field, checkbox, or Signature block:

Note: These Fields will auto-save as you go—you can either hit "Enter" or click away as you're adding them.

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