The articles in this User Guide are about sending Contracts to Signers. If you're not interesting in sending Signature Requests and instead are looking for help getting Contracts into PactSafe and ready for people in your company to send to Signers, check out the Contract Administration Overview

Requesting Signatures on your Contracts has never been easier than it is right now in PactSafe. Sending your first Contract for signature takes only a few clicks. If the Contract is sitting on your computer's hard drive, you can even upload the Contract as part of sending the Signature Request

PactSafe helps your team collaborate on signature requests, too. You can collaborate on a request by using Comments or set up an approval workflow.

Your company can keep a whole inventory of Contracts in your account, and PactSafe has the tools to let you find the Contract you want to send quickly and easily. Once you have the Contract you want, you can set the signature order if you need to make sure that one person signs before another. You can also assign each field to a certain Signer to fill out (and Signers can delegate signing responsibility, if that's appropriate).

When everything's ready, you send the Signature Request and wait for the signatures to roll in. You can keep tabs on your Requests by checking the Signature Request status. Check out this link to get an idea of what the signing process looks like to Signers

PactSafe sends the Signers an email or a text message with instructions on how to complete the Contract the way you want it. In some cases, you might want to send a Signer a link to a Contract outside of the normal email/text message signing flow. In those cases, you can copy a link to send to the Signer. PactSafe handles the Identity Confirmation part so you can make sure your Signers are who they say they are. You can keep up with the status of the signature request and who has signed what by looking at the Signer Activity.

If you send the Signature Request and then realize that you need to make a change, you can still revise the Contract after sending. You just have to pause signing, make your changes, and then resume signing.

Overview Video

This video gives a great overview of the Signature Acceleration Platform, what we call the suite of tools that let you send, sign, and analyze Contracts in a 1:1 fashion directly from the PactSafe application. It adds a completely frictionless, streamlined way to send and sign Contracts with your partners, prospects, employees, or customers. We believe it to be the fastest electronic signature in the world, and we'd love for you try it out.

Here's a video showing you this amazing solution for getting signatures on the go.

If you run into problems, we've got a troubleshooting guide ready for you. Of course, if that doesn't work, we're always glad to hear from you. Just submit a ticket or email us at